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New Billing System for Uninsured Services

In an effort to increase the efficiency of our staff workflow, we are now using PatientSERV, an online third-party billing service for fees not covered by OHIP (“uninsured services”). This service allows online payment 24/7 and provides patients easy access to invoices for their bills. We have also introduced the PS365 plan, which means you may choose to pay one fee for the year to cover multiple uninsured services for the year. Please see the “Uninsured Services” tab on the menu bar for further details.


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Online Appointment Booking Now Available!

We have launched the ability to book a NON-URGENT appointment with most of our clinic's family doctors (Dr. Charenko, Dr. Eberhard, Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Xu, and Dr. Yelle) via our online portal. Dr. Bonin will be on-boarded over the next several months.

You must be a patient at our clinic in order to book an appointment, and you must have had your intake appointment with your doctor already in order to be eligible for this service. If you have an overdue account owing, you may not be eligible to use this service, in which case you may call the clinic directly to book an appointment.


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